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12 September 2008 @ 09:55 pm
Well, I replaced the hard drive in my G5, and things seemed ok for a short while, but I came home to it dead again. Somehow it's overheating, not sure what's causing it though. But the failure mode is always the same, the fans ramp up to sound like a jet taking off, and the computer is completely unresponsive. So I have to forcibly shut it down. Then when I reboot, it can't find either hard drive. Let it sit overnight, and things seem back to normal....

It would probably be ok if I shut it down while I wasn't sitting in front of it, but I've gotten in the habit of connecting remotely from work, or from upstairs. I've become a big fan of ssh and screen, and finally have things set up with all the command line tools I need. Sigh.

The worst thing is, the hard drives obviously weren't the problem, but I have no idea what to try next.

In better news, I got out to play disc golf with dougo at Devens. It was a pretty good round, dougo shot a 75, and I had 77. It was just good to get out ot the hill.