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15 August 2008 @ 11:10 pm
3 for 3  
I have too much crap. This is a general statement that could probably be used to sum me up. Once we were expecting our second kid, we started trying to clear some of the crap out of our lives. We put a dent in it for sure, but we (me, really) still have too much crap. I'm surrounded by it. I have a bookshelf ovenflowing with games, most of which haven't been played in over a year, and too many of which haven't been played at all. Most of them I can't bring myself to part with, but there are some that I don't even really care for all that much.

I have books scattered around me that we need to get rid of. I sold a lot of books on half.com for a while, but I've still got a large crate and then some. We've been selling these to powells.com for store credit. Which means we get more books... But at least we should be reducing the number of books overall.

I've got VHS tapes out the wazoo. Commercial movies, home movies, who knows what my parents taped off tv... Sadly, I haven't found anything to do with the movies. So they're starting to filter their way out to the trash. The home movies I've started to transfer to dvd, but that's a slow process that's going to take a while. Of course, it means I get to see my younger self in numerous high school drama productions. Maybe I should just destroy those...

Too much crap, and not enough motivation to really take care of it. The best I can get myself to do is push it around to make it a bit more presentable when we have company coming over. Oh well, maybe one day I'll get a real handle on it.