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30 October 2002 @ 04:48 pm
maybe it will  
Maybe my journal will be all about my cats. No, not really, it's just all I can think about lately. If you're a cat person, you understand, if you aren't a cat person, why not?! ;)

So we brought Fin home from the vet last night, and although his incision looks better, he's now got a drain in his side! Apparently it had gotten all infected under the old incision, so they flushed it out, sent us home with lots of anti-biotics, and put a drain in so that the infection can ooze out. Yummy...
But at least this time he has a morphine patch (exactly what you think it is), so he's not in any pain. Poor kid, so much trauma for one little lump.
We go back to the vet on saturday to get the drain removed, and then another week+ until we get the stitches out and should be able to take off the e-collar.
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Vanvandebeast on October 30th, 2002 03:32 pm (UTC)
...if you aren't a cat person, why not?! ;)

First, my appartment isn't "cat-safe", there are minitures and stuff lying around everywhere, and it is messy. Second, I chose to avoid responsibility for the time being, I don't even want to be responsible for a plant, let alone an inquisitive and independent mammal.