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04 June 2005 @ 05:16 am
Our last night in Oz  
Well, Adelaide airport didn't end up having net access either. So we find ourselves back in the local StarBucks in Sydney. This is our last night, and we're just killing some time before we go to dinner.

We took a harbor ocruise this morning, and saw some parts of Sydney that we missed the first time. Then we wandered around for a while. Had lunch at a nice italia place in the Rocks, walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens some more, then camped out ona bench with a nice view to wait for sunset. All in all a nice relaxing day.

Sadly we're no more impressed with the hotel here then we were the last time. In fact, it's even worse this time. They put us in what's supposed to be a disabled access room, which is obvious by the bathroom. But the rest of the room is so small, you couldn't really get a wheelchair anywhere but the bathroom. Sigh. Oh well, if this hotel is the worst of our problems, that's pretty good. And we only have one night left there.

We really didn't want to leave Darwin yesterday. We spent five days up there, and saw an awful lot, but also did a lot of relaxing, which was great. Ah well, it has to end sometime, right.

I'm going to try and upload a few more pictures. I'll post a more detailed travelog once I have all the pics uploaded (probably next weekend).