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09 June 2004 @ 08:53 am
anniversary, plus  
So I wanted to post about my Anniversary, but for some reason it's taken me a while to post at all.
Our fifth Anniversary was two weeks ago, on the 29th. We had a great time. On Saturday I hired a town car to drive us to dinner, and we went out to the Sole Proprietor in Worcester. It's great going out to a nice dinner when you don't have to worry about driving.
Then on Sunday we headed out to Foxwoods to lose some money. Spent the night there. Not nearly as much fun as Vegas, but we had a good time.

We've also decided to try out Geocaching. Yesterday after K got home we sought out our first cache that was less that half a mile from our house. It was a lot of fun. Time to search out more.

This weekend we're heading out to visit with Dad for a bit, and hopefully see my Aunt and Uncle who are in the area for some kind of solar competition.

I'm still working on getting dasher to build, I've found the source code and figured out what's causing the build failure (libexpat.a not existing). Now I have to figure out how to tell xcode to look elsewhere for it.

Well, that's enough of an update for now....