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27 May 2004 @ 12:18 pm
Out visiting Dad  
So, I'm out in Easthampton visiting with Dad and Norah today. Norah is currently out running errands, and Bob, the home health aide is here giving Dad a bath and getting him 'up' for the day.
Dad's wheelchair, that he's been trying to get for ever (it really seems like it's been a year or more now) is finally here. I guess it still needs some fine tuning, but it certainly looks impressive.
Now what we really need is a better system to help him communicate. He's got an alternative mouse for his computer that he's supposed to be able to control by moving his head, but that showed up months ago, and I've never seen him try and use it.
What I'd really like to be able to do is to enhance dasher (which is a really cool alternative input system) so the Mac version is a little more useable, and could send words or sentences straight to OS X's built in speech synthesizer. Then all we'd have to do is find a way to set the computer up where my Dad can use it in bed and in the chair.
I guess I should go and see if I can hunt down the source code for the Mac version again. I tried a while ago, but didn't get very far...
Time to go hunting.