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30 December 2003 @ 11:34 pm
holiday woes  
Well, when it rains, it pours. We got back from PA on sunday, and as I don't have to go back to work until next monday, I met up with K for lunch in Framingham, and then drove out to Visit Dad and Norah and my Grandparents.
Things were going great, and then my Grandfather, trying to go upstairs to bed, lost his footing and fell backwards down the stairs, hitting his head on the front door. It's the first time I've had to dial 911. The paramedics took him to the hospital, and my Grandmother went with him. Then as soon as Norah and I finished getting my Dad his shower, and get him into bed, we went to meet up with them at the hospital. He fell sometime around 8:30. Norah and I got out there around 9:30. Around 11:30 Norah had to leave to go home and take care of Dad. Sometime between 1:30 and 2 AM they finally admitted Popop to the hospital, and we left him there for the night. I figure we got home around 2:30 in the morning.

Then at 7:30 am, after failing to show at least 2 times prior, the plumber showed up to fix the seal on the downstairs toilet. He finished up by 8:30, and just after we (my Grandmother, Norah and myself) decided to go back to bed to get a little more sleep, the Case manager from the hospital called to let us know who she was, and that we should have them page her when we got to the hospital.
We lounged around a bit, and got dad up for breakfast and physical therapy (his PT came out at 11). Then Nana and I headed out to the hospital. When we got there Popop seemed to be in good spirits. They told us that he'd seen the physical therapist that morning, and that he'd walked a very little bit. We spoke with the case manager who explained how much their insurance would pay for, and what our options were. We stayed there most of the afternoon, and headed home around 4:30 or so. Then Dad's occupational therapist came out with a new pointing/typing wand that affixes to his hand. Unfortunately it doesn't work all that well.We had dinner, and got Dad into bed around 9:30 or so. Now I'm sitting in the living room, having a beer with Norah and watching the news.

The quick summary, is that my grandfather is ok. He's fractured his pelvis, which hurts like hell, but isn't serious and will heal itself. And we're most likely going to bring him home tomorrow.
I talked to K tonight, and I don't think I'm going to me able to go home tomorrow night, as they will need my help with Popop when he comes home. So K is going to drive out here after work (and after going home to take care of the cats). She'll have to turn around and drive back home on thursday, but it'll be good to see her again, and to be able to spend New Years with my wife and still be able to help out with my dad and grandad.
Speaking of which, we've got to be at the hospital at 10am tomorrow, to see first hand how he does with the PT, so we can make the decision (if there's still an option) as to whether we bring him 'home' back to Norah and Dad's house, or send him to a rehab clinic. So, I should really stop adding to this post and get to bed.
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Ethan Frantzef2p on December 30th, 2003 11:02 pm (UTC)
OUCH!!!! I am kind of suprised they are having him walk and leave the hospital after a pevic fracture. These thing are nasty and very dangerous. Hope he recovers quickely.