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20 December 2003 @ 08:19 pm
New toy  
K and I drove out to Dads house today to visit with him, Norah and my grand parents who are out visiting for a few weeks.
Dad had us open our xmas gifts today, as did my grandparents. My grandparents gave me a check, which is great. I was immediately thinking of putting it towards this keyboard. Then I opened the gift from Dad and Norah, and low and behold, they got me the very same keyboard, which I'm typing on right now. It's going to take a little getting used to, but it's already set up with a dvorak layout, so I don't have to have my mac do it any more, and I can use it with any computer. I can't wait to take it in to work on monday.


EDIT: I forgot to put in the link to the keyboard before I hit post.
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