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04 October 2003 @ 09:35 pm
saturday at home  
Got up around 8am this morning. We had planned to spend the day working on the house. Prepping the deck to seal it, painting the doors and garage doors to match the shutters, and painting the few bits of white trim/kickboards to match the siding. And waiting for the phone company to come out and fix our phone (we haven't had a dial tone in at least a week).

And then the rain came even earlier than predicted. Sigh.

So, we took the front and side doors off the hinges and took them into the garage to sand and paint them. We got a coat of primer, and one coat of the burgundy on the doors. The telephone guy came out, but we still have no dial tone, grrrrr....

And for dinner, we made an African pea soup. It's a great, spicy/sweet pea soup that we haven't made in a while.

We should get another coat on the doors (and hopefully wont need a third...)
Current Mood: tiredtired