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25 September 2003 @ 10:13 am
Well, we made it through our first session of the new Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game (MURG) last night. Despite my lack of preparation, things went pretty well. I didn't have time to pregen characters as I'd hoped, so we started with character creation. Even though it took us around 3 hours (we're easily distracted) I think everyone had fun creating characers. And then we stayed until around 12:30 am, and finished Mission 1 from "We Live Here Too" (the adventure in the back of the rule book).

Here's a quick rundown of the characters (guys, forgive me if I misspell your names):

Katy is playing Sylkie, is she human, is she a cat, she's both! (or is it either?) Sylkie can shapeshift between her human form with cat-like features) and her panther form. Be nice to kitty.

John is playing Vis, the high school latin teacher with unusual healing powers, and a powerful force blast.

Jason character is Tor. Tor is more or less a human sized earth elemental, he can grown to a hight of 40', root himself into the ground to render him immobal. Is virtually unstoppable, and can hurl a mighty blast of earth at his foes.

And then there's Bill. Marvel is definitely the game for Bill, as he is always coming up with the most creative character concepts. Bill's character is a plant. Pophos. A huge, sentient, talking plant. He is a master of plants, and can manipulate plant life, as well as overwhelming his foes with blasts of sap, pollen, seed pods, leaves or other plant like things. He also has long tendrills that he can use to reach across the room and smack someone upside the head, possibly draining energy from them. Last but not least, he can pass through physical objects by growing into and through them.

I can't wait until our next session!
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Ziggyts52 on September 25th, 2003 07:37 am (UTC)
Yeah, I expect that everyone who knows Bill and reads this will laugh at that too. But you've got to love his characters. Not many people would have come up with anything like this.