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08 August 2003 @ 10:28 am
Vacation so far  
A quick update.

On tuesday, we left to head to Pittsburgh to visit the in-laws and go to a Bruce Springsteen concert on Wednesday. We'll be back home on Sunday. Here's the rundown so far:

Leave the house around 3:20 to head up to the Manchester airport (flight leaves at 5:55). When we get to the toll booth on the way (5 minutes away from the airport) there's a loud clunk as I roll down my window... and it wont go back up (and it's raining!). We get off at the next exit (which is the same exit as the airport) and pull off in a parking lot.

It's now almost 4, and it's at least 40 minutes to get home, and then, because of traffic, at least an hour back. So we can't drive home to get the other car and drive back. So, I try and take the door apart, to see if I can get the window back up, and some how make it stay there. No luck. Finally, I somehow think to call 411 and see if there's a VW dealership in Manchester. And thank god, there is. Call them, and they tell us that they are only one more exit down the road, and would gladly take my car in to fix it while I'm gone, and give us a lift to the airport. (Big Bonus Points to the guys at Manchester VW!)

So we drop the car off, and make it back to the airport by about 4:30, getting throgh security and to the gate with an hour to spare until our flight leaves. Phew!

We get to the in-laws without any other incidents.

Drive into Pittsburgh. Get lunch from Sree's at CMU, and hang out at CMU for a little while. Got a call from the VW dealer, my car is fixed, and covered under warranty to boot! Woo! I can pick it up when we get back on Sunday. Excellent!

Went to the Bruce concert. Now, I'm not a huge Springsteen fan, but my father-in-law is, and my wife (by way of being his daughter) is too. But this was a great show! He played for around 3 hours straight, no opener, no break. It was a really great show. Lots of fun had by all.

So then yesterday we drive back into Pittsburgh to see one of K's college friends. Had a nice dinner with them, and bs'd for a while. And as we're leaving, I manage to back my father-in-law's BMW Suv (with less than 6000 miles on it) into a tree stump in their yard!
Thankfully the damage was minor, and my father-in-law didn't seem to be too upset last night.

So, what kind of trouble am I going to have today...

Here's hoping to an uneventful day.
Current Mood: mixed
Current Music: New York City Serenade - Bruce Springsteen