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18 July 2003 @ 01:40 pm
A Thought for the Silence  
I found this little snippet that I wrote in college, off of my old CMU website (that's still up for some reason??).

I thought I'd share:

A Thought for the Silence

A dog barks. There is silence. The silence is so thick, you begin

to wonder if other people aren't listening in on your thoughts. And

what are you thinking? Does a song enter your head? Do you begin

to hum a tune? Maybe you remember something someone once said, or

maybe you try to plan what you are going to do tomorrow. What is it

you think about as you lie in bed, late at night, unable to sleep in

the dense quiet? I've been through all that. I though of a song,

hummed a tune, and quoted a few people. But the silence remains.

As you begin to think, you run out of things to think, and a final

thought enters you mind. In fact, that thought was always there.

It never left, it only is apparent now because you have nothing else

to think over it. It is this thought that drives your life. It is

then that this thought will bring you to terms with who you are,

what you are doing, and why you are here. Have you ever experienced

such an enlightening thing? It happened to me today.