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31 March 2003 @ 04:30 pm
CA trip summary  
I can't believe I left 80 degree weather in CA to come home to 40's, rain and snow. What the hell was I thinking??

Saturday we went to the Winchester House in San Jose. Another very cool roadside attraction, and well worth visiting if you're in the area. Then we had my cousin's wedding. A very nice, simple ceremony and fun reception. K and I had a good time.
Sunday morning we were planning on getting up at 3am to get ready and get to the airport in plenty of time for our 7:30am flight back. A first we thought we'd just stay up all night, but gave that up after we couldn't find anything good on tv. Then our alarm didn't go off, and we slept in until 4:30am. Scrambling to get out of the hotel, we managed to get out and on the road by 4:45, and still got to the airport when we originally planned to, around 5ish to return the car and be able to check in around 5:30.
All in all it was a fantastic trip. We were able to visit a lot of the places we missed, but weren't there too long, so that we only just remembered why we left in the first place.

We need to take more vacations, that's for sure.
Current Music: Macha - Medeski, Martin And Wood